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uiuLearn Student Tutorials & Resources

This page contains tutorials to help students develop uiuLearn skills to participate in a variety of online course activities that can enrich the learning experience. You will also find information on UIU Library resources, as well as associated educational technologies such as McGraw Hill, Pearson, Panopto, Zoom, and Turnitin. If you don’t find what you are looking for, additional support and Resources information and links reside at the bottom of this web page.

Page Contents

uiuLearn Beginners

The Basics

Information for Students Taking Courses in uiuLearn

uiuLearn Demonstration Course

Use the login credentials provided below to view a demonstration course. The course
will allow you to get familiar with the look and feel of uiuLearn. It also has video
tutorials for how to navigate the system and use the various tools to view course
content, take quizzes and much more!

Username: web.student

Password (case sensitive): uiuLearn

View the uiuLearn Demonstration Course

uiuLearn Basics

  • General Tips: the uiuLearn Experience – (added 5/14/21) – This tutorial helps you optimize your uiuLearn experience and provides general tips for troubleshooting. Topics include:
    • Updates
    • JavaScript and Cookies
    • Quick System Check
    • Browser Recommendations
    • Support

uiuLearn Log in Procedures – (updated 09/08/20) – clickable PDF format.

Install Microsoft Office 365 applications on your computer–it’s free!

uiuLearn 101: the basics for students – (updated 2/2020) – video and transcript

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How to Submit an Assignment

Brightspace Pulse Mobile AppBrightspace Pulse Logo

Brightspace Pulse install instructions Stay up to date with your uiuLearn courses! Brightspace Pulse sends notifications
from your online courses including announcements, grades, assignments, and more.

Viewing and Managing Course Content in Brightspace Pulse (added 5/18/2020) – Learn about pinning/unpinning courses, view and manage content,
viewing offline, and supported content types in Pulse.


Clear Your Browser Cache (Updated 02/4/2021) – Clickable PDF format. This tutorial includes instructions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

Content and Navigation

Content Overview

Navigating the Learning Environment (added 5/15/2020) – Video by D2L – Develop comfort navigating the common elements
of the uiuLearn Brightspace Environment.

Navigating Content (added 5/15/20) – Video by D2L – View and review course materials in the Content


Classlist (added 5/15/2020) – Video by D2L – Use the Classlist tool to learn about and connect
with everyone who is participating in a course.

Class Progress

Class Progress Tool (added 5/22/2020) – Video by D2L – Check how you’re doing in different areas of a
course by Accessing Class Progress.

Course Surveys

Course & Instructor Evaluation Survey Tool Video – Demonstration walkthrough of course survey tool.


Engage in Discussions (added 5/15/20) – Video by D2L – Share thoughts and comments on course topics in
the Discussions tool.


How to Send an Email Using Classlist


ePortfolio Basics

Exporting Your ePortfolio to mydesire2learn

Create an ePortfolio Presentation (added 5/15/20) Video by D2L – Showcase your achievements by creating presentations.

Finding Courses in uiuLearn

Navigating to Courses in uiuLearn (added 10/28/20)


Grades (added 5/15/2020) Video by D2L – Review grades and feedback on assignments by accessing
the Grades tool.

Viewing the Gradebook (PDF)

Instant Messages (Pager)

Instant Messages (added 5/15/20) Video by D2L – Message classmates and other users by accessing the
Instant Messages tool.

Logging In to uiuLearn and Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Single Sign On to Email and uiuLearn

Navigating uiuLearn

How to Navigate uiuLearn (Video)

Walkthrough for Students (Video)

Mobile Walkthrough (Video)

Where to Find the Syllabus (Video)

Office 365 (O365)

  • O365 Widget – (added 12/4/20) – The Office 365 widget on the uiuLearn global homepage and most course homepages enables quick access to UIU email, Outlook calendars, and OneDrive where there is generous 1 TB storage and access from any computer, as well as easy file sharing.

Panopto Videos

Panopto Mobile Apps – (added 6/15/2020) In June 2020, Panopto announced new apps for iOS and Android. The new apps support offline videos, personalized home screen, a comprehensive search experience, and ability to upload or record new videos using a phone camera. The new apps are available in the iOS and Android app stores.

Panopto Student QuickStart Guide Video – Learn how to record or upload videos with Panopto and put them in uiuLearn

Panopto Student Walkthrough Video – Details of how to record and share links to videos you create in Panopto.

How to Use Panopto (added 5/27/20) PDF – Step-by-step instructions on recording videos using Panopto.

Pearson MyLab

Accessing MyLab PDF – Step-by-step instructions on how to access your MyLab course materials via

Personal Profile

Profile (added 05/15/2020) Video by D2L – Create a personal profile to develop meaningful
connections with others in your course.


ProctorU-Exam Preparations-Student Guide

Quizzes and Exams

Quizzes (added 5/15/20) Video by D2L – Access course quizzes or tests from the Quizzes tool.

Take a Quiz (added 5/15/20) Video by D2L – Take a quiz or exam using the Quizzes tool.

Why can’t I take a quiz? (added 05/15/20) – Having trouble taking a quiz? This video provides insights to
common issues you can troubleshoot before contacting your instructor.

Quiz Submission View (added 5/15/20) Video by D2L – Review quiz questions, answers, and instructor feedback
from the submission view of a quiz.

Take a Quiz, Exam or Test


Student Guides

Turnitin Basics for Students –  Video tutorial.


Zoom mobile app download (added 5/19/20)

Video Note

Video Note (added 5/15/20) Video by D2L – Personalize your course interactions using Video Note.

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Online Learning  Support and Resources


D2L (uiuLearn) Brightspace

McGraw Hill




Upper Iowa University Information Technology Resources


Zoom support Hours are 24/7, including public holidays. Agents or technical engineers
are available for web, chat, and phone support.

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